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Miriam Carey’s daughter at center of custody dispute – Connecticut Post


STAMFORD — The infant girl strapped in a car seat while her mother led authorities on a highly publicized chase from the White House to near the Capitol before being shot to death, is at the center of an ongoing custody dispute making its way through family court in Stamford.

Judge Jane Emons is overseeing the case and ordered both the father of 15-month-old Erica Francis and the family of her mother, Miriam Carey, formerly of Stamford, to be \”extraordinarily reasonable\” to work out some kind of visitation agreement.

Carey\’s family, who live in Brooklyn, N.Y., had sought custody of the girl, but Emons denied that motion leaving the girl in the custody of her father, Eric Francis of Vernon.

Carey, 34, lived at Stamford\’s Woodside Green condominium complex, before taking her baby on a 250-mile trip to Washington on Oct. 3. Carey drove to the White House and tried to drive through a checkpoint barrier and then led authorities with several law enforcement agencies on a high-speed chase that ended with her being shot to death.

Carey\’s family said she suffered from postpartum depression and psychosis following the birth of her daughter and police records indicate a decline in her mental health over four incidents in late 2012. Carey, a former dental hygienist, reported to police in Nov. 2012 that she believed people were outside her front and back windows trying to videotape her and then eleven days later police were called again to her apartment where she claimed to be the \”Prophet of Stamford\” and said President Barack Obama had put the entire state on a security lockdown after talking to her. She said the president had put her condo under electronic surveillance and that it was being fed live to all the national news outlets, the report said.

Emons told Carey\’s sister Valarie Carey and her mother Idella Carey, who was sitting next to her at Wednesday\’s hearing, that Erica could not leave Connecticut with anyone but her father. She also said that any visits that may occur before the return to family court on Dec. 18 must be supervised.

Emons said that the state Department of Children and Families has been notified of the situation for protective purposes.

Picking up Valarie Carey\’s disappointment with her decision, Emons asked Carey what was wrong.

Carey said that her mother is accustomed to seeing the child and the situation has become very distressing to her.

Emons said she understood, but with the death of her sister, the situation with her niece has \”changed rather dramatically,\” and she assured Carey that she was doing everything possible to make those visits with the Carey family happen again.

Emons told Francis or Carey to come and see her on any weekday if she could reasonably help them work out an agreement.

via Infant in D.C. shooting at center of custody dispute – Connecticut Post.


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9 Racist Ads, Commercials That Promote Negative Images of Black People – Atlanta Black Star


In a 2008 television commercial for the Japanese cellphone company, Emobile, a monkey is shown in an election campaign with the slogan “Change,” the same slogan widely used during the campaign of the first African-American president of the U.S., Barack Obama.


Sony Corporation promoted a Black-against-white ad in their multi-vignette PlayStation Portable campaign in 2006. The ad featured a strong-looking white woman, dressed in all white, clawing and dominating a subordinate Black woman. The ad was constructed to promote their new ceramic white PSP.

In 2010, a KFC Corp. commercial in Australia featured a young white Australian at a cricket match surrounded by loudly cheering Black fans.

The Australian, known as Mick, remarks: “Need a tip when you’re stuck in an awkward situation?” He then pulled out a big bucket of KFC’s fried chicken, sharing it with the Black fans.

He ends by telling the camera approvingly, “Too easy.”


In 2007, Intel Corporation launched a national advertising campaign that featured a white man dressed in business attire standing over six muscular Black runners bowing down in front of him in perfect symmetry.

Earlier this year, Pepsi caused an uproar with a Mountain Dew campaign that seemingly endorsed the stereotype of the Black male criminal.

In the internet commercial a white women is assaulted by a goat.  Five Black men are shown in a police lineup beside the animal and the woman is asked, ‘Who did it?’

The commercial was created by rapper Tyler The Creator, who rejected claims the footage depicted Black men as criminals.

“Not only is it messing up opportunities for me, but also maybe opportunities for another young Black male who maybe looks up to me and wants to do that in the future,” he said.


Nivea suggested Blacks needed to re-civilize themselves in a 2011 campaign for shaving cream. The promo showed a well-dressed and clean-shaven Black man throwing the head of a not-so clean-shaven Afro-wearing male.

Burger King, which has had problematic ads in the past, came under fire in 2012 for a commercial with Mary J. Blige and fried chicken.

To promote its new chicken wrap, the company showed R&B star Blige, singing about fried chicken in a very distasteful way.

When asked why she did the campaign, Blige said Burger King portrayed the commercial differently from the concept that actually aired.

lebronjames vogue

Vogue magazine recreated a scene from the film “King Kong” on its cover photo of NBA star Lebron James and model Gisele Bundchen.

The cover depicted James as King Kong and Bundchen as the  ”damsel in distress.”


In 2011, Dove released an ad with magnified images of clean and unclean skin as the backdrop to three women of different skin colors.

In a timeline from the left to right, there is a Black women directly under the image of unclean skin, a biracial woman in the middle, and a white woman directly under the image of clean skin.

Above the images are the words “Before”  ————> “After.”

via 9 Racist Ads, Commercials That Promote Negative Images of Black People – Atlanta Black Star.

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CNN split-screen segment compares Obama and crack-smoking Toronto mayor | The Raw Story


CNN on Saturday filled nearly ten minutes of airtime by discussing how President Barack Obama was like crack-smoking Toronto Rob Ford.

“The Most Trusted Name in News” began the segment with a split-screen image of Obama and Ford. The network then likened Obama’s recent admission that he was “not a perfect man” because of the health care reform roll-out to Ford’s insistence that he did not have oral sex with a staffer.

After asking which politician had the better approach, CNN host Don Lemon wondered if it was even appropriate to make the comparison.

“No, it’s not fair to compare them at all, it’s totally different,” damage control specialist Don Goldberg noted. “But it’s fun for people like myself.”

“It is fair to make a comparison for the simple fact that both of them are in trouble,” clinical psychologist Jeff Gardere disagreed. “With President Obama, certainly it’s a little bit different because here’s a person who’s really concerned about what the people really have to think. He is the leader of the free world — the leader of the world, many would say — whereas, Mayor Ford, this guy is a caricature. He really didn’t care what people thought.”

“We know the two crises are both very different,” Lemon said at the conclusion of the segment. “But it’s about how do you manage those crises? That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast Nov. 16, 2013.

CNN split-screen segment compares Obama and crack-smoking Toronto mayor | The Raw Story.

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