anti-black / african sentiment in China: lazy, devils, dogs, monkeys

Instead of the usual schadenfreude, comments online lay into African migrants.

Baltimore riots bring anti-black sentiment bubbling to the surface... in China

Chaotic scenes of violence and mayhem in Baltimore, Maryland, have enthralled netizens in China and caused intense debate online this week.

The images of looting and rioting inspired some of the inevitable schadenfreude one always encounters when something goes wrong in America. As the persistent target of US criticism over its human rights record, the treatment of ethnic minorities and police violence, seeing the same problems explode violently on US soil brings comfort and smug satisfaction to many Chinese.

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Many of the most popular comments covering Baltimore, however, expressed a sort of solidarity with white America – or at least their conception of it. Here are the top comments left on the Sina News article:

No matter where black people are they’re never content with their lot! Guangzhou should learn from the American Empire!

China should learn from America! Guests are welcome as long as they respect their hosts!

Black people struggling for equality and fighting for their rights, great!

Black people’s suzhi [quality of character] is awful. Abroad, most armed robberies are committed by black people – very low quality.

They only rob because they have no money…

They’re poor because they’re lazy.

Can’t we just kick all the black people out of Guangzhou? It’s not good to have too many!

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This morning, another story emerged from Guangzhou – home to around 20,000 emigrants from Africa who congregate in what locals call ‘Chocolate City’ – about local police busting a criminal gang involving African residents of the southern metropolis.

The ‘Freedom Fighters,’ as they called themselves, started off as debt-collectors helping foreign businessmen settle financial disputes before moving onto drug dealing and robbing foreign visitors to the city.

This, too, became an occasion for web users to vent their frustrations and prejudices against African sojourners and black people generally.

Black devils, get out of the monkey’s city [Guangzhou]!

Look at all the chaos in America right now [Baltimore], everyone knows who it is causing the trouble. China should heed their warning!

We should have dealt with the black devils long ago! The bloodlines in many parts of Greater China have already been polluted! I strongly suggest the whole city rounds up the unlicensed black devils!

Black devils causing trouble again! They dare establish their own gangs in China! They should be reined in!

Black dogs ought to die.

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Source: Baltimore riots bring anti-black sentiment bubbling to the surface… in China

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