conversation between Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Seed Planter


Seed Planter: Greetings, Dr. Welsing I was watching the White Supremacy programming device commonly known as the tellievision. The program “Hip Hop and LA Riots” seemed like it was used as a tool to program and provoke certain behaviors in victims of racism, possibly resulting in an uprising, once Zimmerman walks. Did you notice this?

Dr. Welsing: Yes, this is exactly why black people must understand what the system is and how it works. We already know Zimmerman is going to walk. We know this. Why burn down the stores in our own neighborhoods? We should be saying to ourselves this is proof. Proof of the existence of the system of Racism/White Supremacy. No more denying it. It’s time to respect ourselves, and modify our current behaviors in order to produce a system of Justice.

Seed Planter: I agree, thank you. I appreciate your efforts, you have helped me see what it is that I’m looking at everyday.

Seed Planter
Victim of Racism

(R.W.S.W.J. = Replace White Supremacy With Justice)

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5 thoughts on “conversation between Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Seed Planter

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  4. I am very aware of you and sincerely appreciate what you have contributed to African Americans. I regret that many of us have a deep rooted problem of not seeing. It is so imperative that we emerge from the dense smogg that has our eyes clog and congested. It is important to our survival that we see clearly. Thank you for your contribution to helping us to become aware.


  5. i am enjoying the dvd ‘ hidden colors ‘ with dr frances, tariq nasheed and dr valentine. i shared it with my 18 yr old niece who wants to share it with her boyfriend and his friends at prairie view. i never heard of dr frances or dr valentine or the others before. i am glad i picked this video up at the library because i almost was going to put it down to get something else. this video needs to be in every black school , especially high school. thanks for the awesome work. i wish spike lee, tyler perry and other black directors would focus on making some of these great stores/men into movies.


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